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print2life technology. 

talking biz card jotpads

Turn your interactive business card into even more valuable

keepsake. You'll have the world showing off your cards and never throw them away!  MORE...

talking business cards

With automated tap-to-life video presentation, save to contacts

button and up to 4 additional  features. 

lead capture technology 

With our Print 2 Life application your fickle readers stay engaged and get instant gratification with action, choices and interaction. Our 'bolt-on' call-to-action buttons provide features that capture more leads, get more visitors and realize quicker conversion and secure more appointments with our LIVING BIZ CARDS, BROCHURES and more. 

interactive brochures

Engage your audience like never before.  Call for quotes on our special Print2Life magazines, booklets, brochures.

graphic DESIgn, script WRITING, VIdeO PROduction solutions 

 With Print2Life  materials now your impatient, fickle readers get instant gratification on need for action and interaction. Capture more leads, gain more sales and get more visitors with LIVING BIZ CARDS, BROCHURES and more of our augmented reality features. 

whiteboard animation VIdeO PROduction 

Can't afford full 3D production? ..but want to take advantage of Print2Life's lead capture features?  Love those catchy little quick sketch videos?  Well now you can have both!  We have several options toprovide you with immediate lvie vidoes. EXAMPLES

OTHER VIdeO options 

 We have several options to provide you with immediate access to either DIY (do it yourself) video tools or DFY (done for you) you can readily use of the power of augmented reality and Print2Life's interactive features?  

  • doodle sketch videos (a.k.a. whiteboard animation) 
  • flat design animation 
  • still-to-stop motion video - provide 5-6 still images we convert to video with voice overs, your audio or music (Cheryl Silverstein)
  • video shoots (you provide or we can help schedule a shoot)
  • 3D effect full scale video  (like the Print2Life magazine cover or our Spectrum Information example )

MORE EXAMPLES and case studies coming soon. 

Why you need video! 

 If you haven't implemented video marketing as part of your overall marketing strategy and budget, please consider revisiting your marketing plan.  Video not only provides more information readily, it engages your audience, it's shown to create a sort of bond while viewers enjoy getting to know you. They understand and trust your brand more making them more apt to respond to your calls to action: make an appointment, register or buy now.  

Further more we can take you video to the next level with SEO  and traffic grabbing tactics that give you lift with the search engines.. so you see it is not just about the bridge between video and print.. its the the attention that video gets in all ways. ( Search engines tend to reward the object that gets the attention.. launching the viral trend. What we deem ' the rich get  richer' effect.

Every business today really needs several kinds of video:

  • Brand message - mission statement
  • Welcome /basic intro
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Product or service introduction  (create a general one first and foremost, then get specific to each)
  • Thank you video
  • Call to action video
  • virtual tour or operations (if you have a physical location)  

..and more.. depending on breadth of services or products